Samuel & Susana, Lda, is a business project that came into being from a personal imperative and we decided to share it with close friends from the moment of its inception. Drivers work on a personal timetable which is suitable for them and adjusts to fit their personal needs. The assistants at the airport follow the same policy working on a twoshift basis which is also adjustable among them.

About “Arado Azul”, our trademark:

The ARADO (Plow) has been a primary, simple, handcrafted and relevant tool for sustaining generations over the centuries. The 21st century has been dominated by our dependence on the internet and everything digital and where basic values tend to fall into oblivion. We wish to remember those who in the past ingeniously created tools that have been refined over generations and has given us our modern machines and the nearly perfect tools that we enjoy today. Without them in the past we would not have these privileges in the present.

AZUL (Blue) reminds us of the heavens, a place related to eternity. It also reminds us of water, which is essential for human life. Blue contrasts with gold, silver and bronze. Expensive metals that are the cause of so much human greed and misfortune. While material human riches represented by gold, silver and bronze can bring us some earthly well-being, we cannot forget that the blue of the sky can not be bought with any of them. We cannot forget that human labour is only an instrument of survival and it cannot replace our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. When the company’s results are positive, they are translated into extra availability for the development of Cruz Azul de Portugal’s social service efforts. We hope to gain an extra ability to be more active in building a better world.

Thanks to everyone who has joined this team.
Samuel & Susana

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