Cabo da Roca and Sintra

Cabo da Roca, Sintra and more…

Embark with us on this mid-range adventure. It will take about 1 hour to get to Cabo da Roca, but if you take our word for it, we will be able to drive you across the coastline so that you can enjoy the beauty of its beaches and the beautiful centuries old buildings of the old Portuguese bourgeoisie found in Cascais and Praia do Guinco. The additional price is the modest amount of just another half hour of your time.
Cabo da Roca is the westernmost point of Continental Europe and the closest place to Brazil. The westernmost point of Europe is located in Flores Island, in the Azores. At this point, you will be able to appreciate various types of wind, visit the lighthouse and also the local handicrafts, but the most important thing is to be present in one of the “end of the world” points of the different continents. If by any chance it starts to rain or if it gets very windy, you might want to leave they place immediately. In that case our best suggestion is to have lunch nearby. It will be an easier and faster way out while enjoying the good quality of the local food.

Moorish Castle (additional prices below) is the next stopping point. This is our suggestion for this tour, as it is a visit that surrounds you in the landscape of the Serra de Sintra, you will enjoy a fabulous view of the surrounding area while learning a little of the history of this monument. Of course the Pena Palace is also an excellent option but be ready to spend at least half a day there. Then we can go down the mountain and if you wish we can make a half hour stop in downtown Sintra.


We resumed the coastline at Boca do Inferno (Hell’s Moirh). Well, this place is nothing special except the name, but that’s ok…, we stop where everyone stops, even if it is for taking some photos and grab a fresh ice cream. We continue towards Cascais and when we arrive at Nossa Senhora da Luz Fort of Cascais, we can take a walk down there if you wish to. We can meet you when you reach the area in front of Hotel Baía. We can also take a quick look at Conceição and Duquesa beach, and then, finally, we will go nonstop along the sea to Belém.

For travelers from the Americas, it is important for us to remember the first air navigators to cross the South Atlantic were Admiral Gago Coutinho and Sacadura Cabral. Enjoy the “comfort” of the aircraft replica where these heroes “paved the way” for us to be here today. Finally, we face the imposing Belém Tower, originally flanked by water, once the bulwark of the city of Lisbon and elected one of the seven wonders of Portugal.

Two stops to go.
We now move towards the Monument of the Discoveries, erected in 1940 at the Exhibition of the Portuguese World, to honour the Portuguese discoverers bearing in its “prow” an imposing figure of Infante Dom Henrique, the fifth son of King Dom João I.

We suggest crossing the foot path under the Lisbon-Cascais railway that gives access to the Jerónimos’ Monastery, another of the seven wonders of Portugal, still in its original status, erected in memory of the discovery of the maritime route to India. It was built with the profits of this very same trade and it took about 100 years to complete. The Tour cannot end until we reach the famous Belém Bakery. But please don’t keep standing at the door, go inside and enjoy this century-old factory founded in 1837. Sit
back and relax by savoring as many pastries as you like while your guide tells you another story. Just a few yards from here you can appreciate the Presidential Palace and Belém Cultural Center.

The following day or next time you come back to Belém, make sure to pay a visit to our best and most superb Coach Museum and just across from it you can see the monumental and splendid building of the great power station that once illuminated Lisbon.

Thank you traveling with us.
Arado Azul team.

Prices for the Moorish Castle:
Adult ticket (from 18 to 64 years old), 8,00 €;
Child and Teens ticket (from 6 to 17 years old) – 6,50 €;
Senior ticket (65 years), € 6.50;
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 young people), 26 €.

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