Palmela, Montemor, Évora

Évora. At one of the ends of the Arrábida hills lies Palmela Castle, which due to its privileged geographical position, played a strategic defense role for centuries in the different periods of occupation of the Iberian Peninsula and Portugal. It was conquered from the Moors by Dom Afonso Henriques in 1147, after the foundation of Portugal. The plains of the Tagus River and the Sado River, the cities of Lisbon, Setúbal and Tróia can be seen from the Castle. Within its walls is a Pousada, the ruins of the Santa Maria church, an archaeological space and a former convent of the Order of Santiago. It is one of the most beautiful castles in Portugal.

Montemor-O-Novo may be a courtesy option on our part, possibly a place to have lunch and prepare for a view of the Alentejo capital, Évora. Montemor-O-Novo stands out for the birthplace of João Cidade, eternalized as São João de Deus, because of his compassion for the poor and dying. He was recognized by Pope Leo XIII as Patron of Hospitals and the Sick around the world. In this city there are also the ruins of Paço do Alcaide, where Vasco da Gama outlined the plans for his venture to discover the sea route to India.

Évora is one of the most visited cities in our country. Its history encompasses more than five millennia of history and in its vicinity a set of megalithic landmarks. In the different periods of occupation, the city experienced great development impulses. Here lies the only roman monument of imperial worship in Portugal due to Évora’s status of municipality during the Roman period. It’s importance faded away during the visigothic period but due to its privileged position and with the Muslim occupation, the city once again had an economic awakening. After the Christian conquest in 1165, with the installation of several monasteries and religious orders, Évora definitely experienced a new era of development that continues to this day.

Places to visit in Évora: Praça Giraldo (Giraldo Square), Tempo de Diana (Temple of
Diana), Sé de Évora (Cathedral of Évora), Capela dos Ossos, Churches…

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