Care For Children

As it celebrated its first anniversary on June 16th, Arado Azul, in partnership with Care For
Children, Inc, challenged its staff members to join their efforts and raise funds in order to
dig an artesian well to bring drinking water to a remote area in India. Care For Children
has a long standing relationship with Cruz Azul Portugal (another Social Service’s partner)
in a friendship which started in The Azores Island.

Lacking of drinking water for human consumption or for agriculture and species
preservation is one of the hardest our planet has faced. It is believed that this essential
resource has been missing from 40% of the world population. Lack of clean drinkable
water has been the cause of many chronicle illnesses and even losses of human lives.
Water is routinely offered to our clients by member our teams at the Airport. Why not dare
and make an extra effort and offer some to whom many have a greater need than us?

THANK YOU Arado Azul Team!
Samuel & Susana

A shot thanking video: https://youtu.be/5s5CyIj71BE

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