Our team comes with formal attire and adopts a communication posture with an above
average level of general culture, conduct and high level ethics. ( more )

For a better guarantee and effectiveness of the service, we ask the OPERATOR to reserve
it until 24 hours before its completion, through our plataform, email or contact via Whats’App or phone call. +351 963,628 974 / +351 960 204 095.

Whenever it’s possible, under our privacy policies and not for advertising purposes,
request the customer’s name, telephone and e-mail. This information may be needed for legalization of service, voucher assignment and driver assignment. As soon as the driver begins the journey to perform the service, the customer and operator (if this option has been expedited) will be informed of the position, vehicle used and arrival of the driver.

Upon completion of the service the customer contacts will be deleted and we will inform the Operator.

Contact Email: bookingsaradoazul@gmail.com

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